Vista for Artificial General Intelligence (Vistagi)

Vistagi focuses on devloping state-of-the-art AGI technology to provide AI products and services to the world and help advance the field in academic and industry. We not only build powerful AI products, but also provide AI model training, evaluation and hosting infrastructure, services, and consultation for our industry clients.


Main Products & Services

We provide state of the art AI models, products and services to our clients.

Vista Code Agent

We developed code agent in IDE that does more than just completing your code or answering your questions. Install our plugin in Visual Studio Code Marketplace and start coding with confidence.

AI Model Training and Hosting Infrastructure

We developed large scale distributed AI model training infrastructure and hosting solution for our clients.

Customized LLM Solution

Need LLM agent tailed to your specific needs without the hassle of training? We provide customized prompting and retrieval augmented generation solution to help you achieve it. Contact us for more information.

Our Models and Algorithms

We release state-of-the-art AI models and algorithms, including LLMs, Code LLMs, Vision Transformers, and more. Check out our Github for more information.

LLM Agent App

We develop and release LLM agent application to the public and help client achieve state-of-the-art level of intelligence. In this repad AI era, more autonomous and AGI is coming.

More AI Apps to Come

We will be continuing developing and releasing complete AI apps. Stay tuned for more.

Our Latest Blogs

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Finetuning Mixtral 8x7B with SFT and DPO

We describe the finetuning experiments we have done to illustrate the effectiveness of SFT and DPO with the state-of-the-art Mixtral 8x7B model.


By Bryan Wen

AI Researcher



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